Friday, April 8, 2011

Big Nail File Giveaway

Thanks to our big success, we have a big glass nail file giveaway. Just follow this blog, post your comment about nail files, and you will be considered for our giveaway. Visit FilesNStyles and tell us about your favorite designs.
May is the month of the biggest sales for this webstore, so you can enjoy very good deals. If you use discount code GNFBLOG, you will get automatically 10% off on the top of all sales as well. Exclusively for our blog readers.:)

My personal favorites are these Swarovski glass nail files. What are your favorites?

Please read Giveaway Rules before entering this giveaway.

1-You need to be a follower of my blog (Google Connect)
2-Visit FILESNSTYLES shop and tell me which item you prefer.

Post in a comment that you are a follower of this blog and the nail file you picked and don't forget your email so I can reach you if you win.
You need to do both entries in order for extra entries to count.

Extra entries (1 each unless indicated otherwise)

- Follow me on TWITTER +1
- Be a friend of mine on Facebook +1

The winner will be randomly generated once we reach 100 followers! Good luck everybody and thank you for stopping by!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wholesale Opportunity - Selling Glass Nail Files

Are you an innovative business owner looking for more revenues? If you own a beauty salon, flower shop, souvenir shop, hair salon, nail salon, or anything where you can display little products, we have the answer for you.
Start to sell glass nail files that are the hit now. FilesNStyles is the perfect distribution company that will guarantee your satisfaction. There is no risk for you. Just order one of their wholesale packages and start selling. Just few sales a week can help you to generate extra cash. However, if you decide later on that your sales are lower than you expexted, you can always return your remaining inventory and you will get your money back. As said before, no risk for you. Complete customization and FREE display holders are available.
Visit FILESNSTYLES - GLASS NAIL FILES and pick one of their great deals. They sell quality and have the nicest designs.

Glass Nail Files - Overall Information
Glass Nail Files Wholesale

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Advantages of Glass Nail Files

Enjoy our fist video on YouTube:


FilesNStyles is the major distributor of the ORIGINAL GLASS NAIL FILES. Our crystal nail files are patented in many countries around the world. FilesNStyles is the main supplier for the United States to wholesalers as well as to individual buyers.

Our nail files come in many colors and varieties – engraved, painted, decorated with Swarovski crystals, or printed. The options for designs are endless.
Over here you can see some examples our bestsellers:
Swarovski glass nail files
Engarved glass nail files
Graphic glass nail files
Glass nail files wholesale

The biggest advantage?
They never get dull and are healthier for your nails.

Visit FilesNStyles or YouTube to see more details.